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ExploreHendersonville.com is a project of Lazy Otter Outfitters, Henderson County's only riverside paddle outfitter offering kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and tubing on the French Broad River. 

As much fun as paddling on the beautiful, uncrowded "undiscovered French Broad" is, there is so much more to do in Hendersonville and Henderson County! We're finding new places to go, new restaurants to eat at and new fun to have all the time, and we like sharing those finds with our fellow locals and with the thousands of visitors who come to Henderson County from all over the world every year.

Some of the entries you'll find here are our take on well-known favorites and some, we hope, will steer you towards places you might otherwise not have heard about. If you have a suggestion of someplace we should visit and write about, please contact us!

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ExploreHendersonville.com is presented by Lazy Otter Outfitters, Henderson County's riverside paddle outfitter serving the Undiscovered French Broad River. ExploreHendersonville.com does  not accept any compensation in return for blog posts on this site. All content is the opinion of the author.